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We are Viviane Riesterer-Eichenberger and Thomas Riesterer living in the Netherlands. For almost 27 years we had Standard Poodles. In 2007 we decided to add a toy breed and the Chinese Crested dogs came into our lifes.

Chinese Crested dogs are such special little creatures that they stole our hearts immediately. So kind, soft, playful funny and adorable, in a short periode, there was a little group at our home.We couldn't miss them for one day, they are our kids and everything turns around them , all day long. They give us the most pleasure and many smiles all times.

A very big * THANK YOU * to all the breeders that trusted us and gave us one of their wonderful puppies,We are very happy and proud owners of all of them.

Yvonne Kinberg, Bed'ykins Kennel with Myran( Bed'ykins Hyacinth Blossom) and Killen(Bed'ykins Rebel Rebel)

Sanna Wrisnig , Twice as Nice Kennel with Sugar (Twice as Nice The Vampire Slayer)

Jiri & Eva Linhart, Pazzda Kennel with Chichi (Granduca Nerone Pazzda)

Iris Schultz, Solino's Kennel with Only ( Solino's Little Mr. Number One)

Katarina Majdlenova, Poarott Kennel with Schmuschmu ( Asia Poarott)

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Viviane &Thomas Riesterer


You can contact us thru e-mail: viviane@bluechampagne.nl

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